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Apple If you're looking for a party, Wall Street probably isn't the place you're going to find one. And to make matters worse, there are apparently people out there who are wilfully trying to make the life of the people on Wall Street (and subsequently, the rest of the world) even harder. By making up fake stories. And publish them on CNN's Digg - Some individual had posted a fake report last Friday, claiming Steve Jobs had suffered from a heart attack and was rushed into the hospital. As a result, Apple's stock made a 10% nosedive.
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I agree with this. Apple's product development seems to be so dominated by Steve's personal sensibility, that I believe that it will change dramatically once his hand is off the rudder. In some ways, I'm sure it will change for the better, since some of Steve's ideas are bad ones. We'd all like to see a little less control-freakiness when it comes to the iPhone, for example. But if they go back to product development guided by conventional wisdom and consensus, it will rob Apple of some of its genius. Efforts ruled by hard-headed tyrants are often the most effective ones, because for all the risks of error, at least the vision is clear and the effort is unified.

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