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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A Fortune Magazine article looks at hand-held computing's most beleaguered major player and wonders whether it wouldn't be better off hitching its wagon to Google's coat-tails and adopting Android. After shunting aside its own, old-and-creaky OS in favor of Microsoft's it's been hanging its hopes on a long-awaited new Linux-based OS. Android may be Palm's best bet to avoid stemming its inexorable slide into irrelevance.
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Psion, starting with Series 5, ran the precursor to Symbian, called EPOC32 at the time. This was to differentiate it from the original x86 EPOC OS, used on Series 3 PDAs, late renamed EPOC16.

EPOC32 was built from scratch for a brand-new, in-house architecture built around ARM chips, and was always intended to be licensed out to other companies, much like Palm OS eventually was. This didn't really happen in large scale until Symbian Ltd was formed with Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola. Now, of course Nokia has bought the rest of that IP from its partners to eventually open-source it. Psion lives!

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