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Hardware, Embedded Systems The netbook craze is currently in full swing, with these small laptops being advertised everywhere (at least here in The Netherlands); in fact, you can already get netbooks with 3G from the mobile phone carriers at severely reduced prices (but with a one or two year contract, of course). Netbooks are also welcomed by the Linux community as the break they've been waiting for: many netbooks are available with Linux pre-installed. One of the more successful (and powerful) netbooks out there is MSI's Wind, which is also sold under different brand and model names by other companies. In an interview with LaptopMag, MSI's Director of US Sales Andy Tung, however, has some bad news for those that believe the netbook will be the foot in the door that the Linux desktop has been waiting for.
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It is a matter of time
by agrouf on Mon 6th Oct 2008 05:51 UTC
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People are not used to Linux. It works quite differently from Windows. This is not news. It will take time before people get used to it. More and more people get linux. Let me tell you the story of my girl friend. The first month of using linux she kept crying that it didn't work like Windows and why the f--k I didn't install Windows on the computer so she can use it. Now (about a year after), she doesn't even remember how she did on Windows. She is frustrated when she has to use Windows and she asked me to install it on her usb key so she can have her desktop everywhere. So some people are returning the MSI wind because they can't use linux but how many of them will learn it? In 5 years time, people will return the MSI because they can't use Windows and everybody will win, including MSI.

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