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Hardware, Embedded Systems The netbook craze is currently in full swing, with these small laptops being advertised everywhere (at least here in The Netherlands); in fact, you can already get netbooks with 3G from the mobile phone carriers at severely reduced prices (but with a one or two year contract, of course). Netbooks are also welcomed by the Linux community as the break they've been waiting for: many netbooks are available with Linux pre-installed. One of the more successful (and powerful) netbooks out there is MSI's Wind, which is also sold under different brand and model names by other companies. In an interview with LaptopMag, MSI's Director of US Sales Andy Tung, however, has some bad news for those that believe the netbook will be the foot in the door that the Linux desktop has been waiting for.
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by Odisej on Mon 6th Oct 2008 06:57 UTC
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I've read quite a few decent comments here and, surprisingly, almost all seem to be correct. What some of us are forgetting is that there rarely is only one reason for a certain fault. And linux has quite a few. Btw, I am using linux on both machines I own and it works great for me.

I installed it on some other machines with mixed results. Bottom line being that if you use it for basic computing it works great, if you use it for something else you need to spend time with it. And most people do not want to or are afraid todo so. Age doesn't matter. My aunt is almost 65 and she's using Ubuntu without problems. My relative is 30 and he doesn't use it as he cannot play games. My friend hates OpenOffice for she has had bad experience in the past, while she doesn't use it at her shop for the lack of printer drivers and the application they must use and does not work on linux. And so on and so on.

The bottom line being: linux is gaining ground but will not, unfortunately, explode into mainstream desktops in a short run. There are problems. And why would it? I am glad I have an option to use it. Makes me happy and excited. I try to participate and support people that put their knowledge into making many many wonderful applications.

Besides, what is also important, revolutions were never led by masses but by the avantgarde ... ;)

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