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Windows Windows XP just refuses to die. Have you ever notice that in movies they hit the bad guy just hard enough to stun him, then go about their business with their back turned to him while he slowly gets up and surprises them by attacking again? In this allegory, Microsoft management is the cute couple and XP is the villain: "Microsoft's deadline for allowing OEMs to sell PCs with systems that are "downgraded" from Windows Vista to XP is still a moving target. Initially planned to expire on June 30 of this year, Microsoft at first granted an extension to July 31. However, OEMs are still selling the downgrade option (often for a premium) and, according to new reports, the deadline apparently has been officially extended for six more months to January 31, 2009. The information is based on one leaked email sent to an OEM."
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XP is just too good
by sweiss on Tue 7th Oct 2008 19:20 UTC
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It makes perfect sense as to why Win XP refuses to die. Why would it, really?
Windows XP with SP3 is mostly secure, works well, utilizes all of the features current machines has to offer (32/64 bit, mutltiple cores etc.) and is pretty light on resources for machines nowadays.

A good Windows iteration, and Microsoft should be proud of themselves if you ask me.

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