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Graphics, User Interfaces This is the tenth article in a series on common usability and graphical user interface related terms. On the internet, and especially in forum discussions like we all have here on OSNews, it is almost certain that in any given discussion, someone will most likely bring up usability and GUI related terms - things like spatial memory, widgets, consistency, Fitts' Law, and more. The aim of this series is to explain these terms, learn something about their origins, and finally rate their importance in the field of usability and (graphical) user interface design. Fitting for this rounded number, part X will detail the window.
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Tiling, stacking & composite window managers
by irbis on Tue 7th Oct 2008 19:29 UTC
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Window managers, windowing systems and their design decisions seem more interesting to me than plain windows in themselves only. For example, stacking or tiling window managers have rather different ideas about useful window management.

At least the tiling window managers for Linux/Unix tend to be very minimalistic and spartan, and would probably turn away most but the more experienced computer users. I wonder how you could better combine some of the tiling window manager features into the easy to use desktop environment idea?

As an example, there's a tiling plugin for Compiz-Fusion available:

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