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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Sunday we reported on an interview with an MSI manager, who stated that internal research had shown that the return rate for the Linux version of MSI's Wind netbook was four times as high as that of the Windows XP version. He claimed that the unfamiliarity of people with Linux was the culprit. This claim sparked some serious discussion around the net, but now MSI's statement is being repeated by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu.
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RE[3]: GJ apologists
by lemur2 on Tue 7th Oct 2008 22:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: GJ apologists"
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"In multimedia and publishing industry Apple Mac OS X has always been very popular. Many other companies and work places could prefer Apple Macs too if only they were a bit cheaper. Besides, many PC gamers could disagree too if they were said that they'd better run Macs instead of Windows PCs.
Publishers only release for windows because it is ubiquitous, and while directX is pretty good now, it has walked a long and thorny road to get to where it now is. If apple ended up dominating the home space, I'm sure it would not take long for publishers to start releases stuff for ogl. "

Actually ... walk in to any retail store that specialises in games. The majority of the stock in the store will be written for games systems that do NOT use directx.

Honestly, it takes a significant higher level of IT competence to deliver the same level of service when it comes to office networks. The MS stack is really unparalelled for about 90% of the kind of apps that businesses run on

Honestly ... the MS stack is the only one that is hopelessly obscured and high maintenance, to the extent that it does take a higher level of IT competence to try to deliver it.

Replace it all with open systems and open servers ... IT nirvana.

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