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Slackware, Slax "Slackware remains Slackware. It's been around for a very long time and it has a very loyal following. It's an excellent choice for the Linux hobbyist who wants to build, configure, and tweak their system to the nth degree. Slackware certainly gives you absolute control over your system. Nothing is made to be easy or user friendly", writes Caitlyn Martin.
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by sevrage on Thu 9th Oct 2008 00:20 UTC
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i think its pretty much more simply best to edit the scripts than to use some conf tool (console confs included...for example xorg.conf.. i mean.. isnt it faster to edit the script rather to loose all that time with those questions..) slackware is so easy, because editing the files in a way means that you know exactly what your doing and if thats true.. then its simple...

now.. im not that dumb as to.. "i only use console mode hooo im so eleet" i use whatever gets the job done fast, allows me to be aware and in control, for example i like to select every single package that i install on slackware and to do that i like to use some "visual aid".

slackware is so much simple because you know where things are (scripts... dirs...) and u know that things are as they look, slackware is like standard, default,"unix like", without clowning.. (i remember using suse a long time ago.. and it was a nightmare that yast thing simple made it impossible to edit scripts files manually).

and packages!! beautiful packages.. i mean.. any slackware user that as used another distro has to know how to really apreciate slackware packages.. and the package system... on some distros packages are like striped down, compiled without some features.. and then to install something u got to compile everything (not happening).. on other systems you got to compile every single package.. i mean.. i dont live for the OS... other systems with dependencies.. just fail, its prety funny wanting to install something just to see i have to remove another thing that is needed by something else, or simply failing without any reason.. i mean.. is it not simpler not to have dependencies at all... and not to be hassled with the system being it... and other systems are like package X is devided into 1.X 2.X 3.X.. i mean slackware package X is in-itself 1.X 2.X 3.X... and ppl talk about dependencies...

i see myself using more and more the console as i go along using linux.. why? faster.. simpler.. and thats that. user friendly? whats that? i dont think the words slackware and "user friendly" should be put together because with slackware u get what u get to get it done without the calories and dead brain cells figuring out why did someone made a puzzle and a labyrinth out of something simple that requires you to want some friendly user friendly kind of stuff.

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