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AMD AMD finally fleshed out the "Asset Smart" strategy it has been talking about since, at least, last December. The result: AMD is now fabless.
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Savain is a well known internet troll that routinely antagonizes the Erlang people and spams links to his blog everywhere. He also attacks well established physics theories based purely upon evidence from the bible, personal inability to believe and other such non-sense. To top it all off, he basically calls Babbage and Turing idiots routinely (not to mention everyone else). The real kicker is that he will register multiple accounts to reply to himself in praise.

His COSA idea is just a finite state machine. I don't see anything revolutionary about it. The problem with FSMs is that they don't scale well. The number of states and transitions between states quickly grows out of control to the point that nobody can understand it. The reason why software is modeled the way it is now is because PEOPLE can understand it.

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