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General Development Python 2.6 has been released on October 1st. The major theme of this release is preparing the migration path to Python 3.0, a major redesign of the language. Whenever possible, Python 2.6 incorporates new features and syntax from 3.0 while remaining compatible with existing code by not removing older features or syntax. See the what's new docs for more details.
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RE: Yeah, greate
by moxfyre on Fri 10th Oct 2008 03:57 UTC in reply to "Yeah, greate"
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My biggest peeve with python is the use of spaces to delimit blocks of statements. Does somebody have something against punctuation or what?

Well, this is everybody's big pet peeve with Python. The first time I thought about switching from Perl to Python, I saw the whitespace thing and decided to ignore it for the next 3 years. Boy, big mistake. Now that I use Python for practically everything and love it to death, I don't notice the whitespace issues one bit.

I sometimes think Guido (Python's creator) takes a perverse delight in turning away all of us shallow-minded programmers. He thinks to himself, "Oh gosh, there goes another fool passing up the greatest programming language ever, with no idea of what he/she is missing." Well, I'm proud to have become a true believer ;)

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