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Slackware, Slax "Slackware remains Slackware. It's been around for a very long time and it has a very loyal following. It's an excellent choice for the Linux hobbyist who wants to build, configure, and tweak their system to the nth degree. Slackware certainly gives you absolute control over your system. Nothing is made to be easy or user friendly", writes Caitlyn Martin.
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RE: Dependency Hell
by porcel on Fri 10th Oct 2008 08:41 UTC in reply to "Dependency Hell"
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The dependencies on a modern linux system are so complex that a human check is not enough. The packages have to be built carefully and with an awareness of how they fit with the rest of the system and complete binary rebuilds of the entire system are needed to make sure that the system remains in a consistent state.

Why do you think that Suse keeps their Build Service around? You can have a complete distribution rebuilt when you introduce a change into a package so that if there are any potential repercussions throughout the whole software stack, they will be caught.

No human "checker" can do that. This is not to say that a good admin should not keep a very watchful eye on a server and a good log of what he installs and why. But there is a role for automated dependency checking.

The mindset that everything an admin's head is the only sound repository for all knowledge about a server is a recipe for disaster at a datacenter.

The needs of a small home server cannot be compared to the needs of larger organizations.

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