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Linux Linux 2.6.27 has been released. It adds a new filesystem (UBIFS) for "pure" flash-based storage, the page-cache is now lockless, much improved Direct I/O scalability and performance, delayed allocation support for ext4, multiqueue networking, data integrity support in the block layer, a function tracer, a mmio tracer, sysprof support, improved webcam support, support for the Intel wifi 5000 series and RTL8187B network cards, a new ath9k driver for the Atheros AR5008 and AR9001 chipsets, more new drivers, and many other improvements and fixes. Full list of changes can be found here.
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RE[2]: 2.6.27
by Vide on Fri 10th Oct 2008 13:25 UTC in reply to "RE: 2.6.27"
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Huge release for who? There are very few notable features that affect everyday-desktop users...

For the main linux user profile: server administrators ;)
Anyway some of the improvements will benefit desktop usage as well

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