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General Development Eric Raymond is working on an essay, putatively titled "Why C++ Is Not My Favorite Programming Language". In his announcement, he calls it "an overcomplexity generator", "bloated, obfuscated, unwieldy, rigid, and brittle", and alleges that these characteristics appear in C++ applications also. I contend that many of the complaints about C++ are petty or are aimed at specific libraries or poor documentation and that many of the features commonly regarded as unnecessary (and excluded from intended replacements) are, in fact, highly useful. C++: the Ugly Useful Programming Language
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Why ESR is not my favourite writer
by ebasconp on Sat 11th Oct 2008 19:47 UTC
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I do not like the "I-know-everything-about-everything-and-I-can-hate-it" tone in the texts ESR writes. He seems to be a software critic, and like almost all critics, he can bash on a picture with no knowledge about painting...

I love C++, it is IMHO one of the few languages that lets me program in the bare metal and provides me a higher abstraction level (OOP, template metaprogramming, etc.)...

I cannot do object programming or generic programming in C (à la GTK+ is not a much viable solution) and using a higher level language (Java, C#, etc.) is not doable (or is not the easiest solution) when you are developing systems or commercial applications (let's be honest, there is no a software with the same quality, functionality and performance to Microsoft Office or to Adobe Photoshop written in Java or C# or Python... and because their huge dimensions, they are not written in C neither, they are C++ code).

I agree Stroupstroup comments when he says the problem is not in C++, but in the low-skilled programmers...

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