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General Development Eric Raymond is working on an essay, putatively titled "Why C++ Is Not My Favorite Programming Language". In his announcement, he calls it "an overcomplexity generator", "bloated, obfuscated, unwieldy, rigid, and brittle", and alleges that these characteristics appear in C++ applications also. I contend that many of the complaints about C++ are petty or are aimed at specific libraries or poor documentation and that many of the features commonly regarded as unnecessary (and excluded from intended replacements) are, in fact, highly useful. C++: the Ugly Useful Programming Language
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RE[3]: I like C++
by sakeniwefu on Sun 12th Oct 2008 09:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I like C++"
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You could argue how much of that is actually due to the greatness of the language, as opposed to just the way things are.
C is far from being the portable language it is made to be, without the preprocessor anything beyond hello world wouldn't compile on *any* machine.
However, C was tied to UNIX which was given for free with code to many universities. Then came C++ with many pitfalls, but you could keep all the C code, and people started to drift to that as the preferred OOP language from more pure approaches. Not because it was a superior language, but because it was C with classes.
With time C++ grew and incorporated, language-of-the-jour paradigms, albeit with an ugly syntax, and got the best compilers and libraries. It might be the choice that makes more sense, but that doesn't make it a good language.

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