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General Development Eric Raymond is working on an essay, putatively titled "Why C++ Is Not My Favorite Programming Language". In his announcement, he calls it "an overcomplexity generator", "bloated, obfuscated, unwieldy, rigid, and brittle", and alleges that these characteristics appear in C++ applications also. I contend that many of the complaints about C++ are petty or are aimed at specific libraries or poor documentation and that many of the features commonly regarded as unnecessary (and excluded from intended replacements) are, in fact, highly useful. C++: the Ugly Useful Programming Language
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Never heard of Poco before. That looks pretty nice - essentially the same kind of stuff that's available in .NET and Java's class libraries, but is missing from C++'s standard library. I'll have to look into that one.

I'd probably add Boost to that list. Much of the functionality I use from Boost is also present in Poco (some seems to have derived from Boost, in fact), but Boost contains so much more.

There's also a lot of good stuff in the C++0x proposal, whenever that gets finished and widely implemented. Much of the additions to the standard library are already available in the latest versions of GCC and MSVC, or through Boost (where many of the additions originated) otherwise.

All we really need is a really good, portable UI toolkit that can be used seamlessly with all those other modern C++ libraries, without either using old-style C++ or even C code (Gtk, Win32), or pulling in their own implementations of everything (Qt, MVC).

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