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General Development Eric Raymond is working on an essay, putatively titled "Why C++ Is Not My Favorite Programming Language". In his announcement, he calls it "an overcomplexity generator", "bloated, obfuscated, unwieldy, rigid, and brittle", and alleges that these characteristics appear in C++ applications also. I contend that many of the complaints about C++ are petty or are aimed at specific libraries or poor documentation and that many of the features commonly regarded as unnecessary (and excluded from intended replacements) are, in fact, highly useful. C++: the Ugly Useful Programming Language
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c++ rocks!!
by pixel8r on Mon 13th Oct 2008 02:24 UTC
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c++ is still my favourite language. For some projects I've worked on, its great knowing exactly what type each variable is, and having this forced everywhere in the project. Its also great having structures that a set size.

Some things are a bit difficult but one must remember that c++ came before most of today's dynamic/scripted languages. Newer languages came with better garbage collection and memory management, and typeless variables, since this was considered better for most things (and I agree). But C++ still has its place I believe.

We have enough mainstream languages now to be able to choose the right language for the task at hand. We dont need any new languages to learn.

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