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Features, Office After three years of development, OOo 3.0 is finally here with a bunch of new features and enhancements. Linux Format looks at the changes and rates the suite's overall performance, and you can try it yourself by downloading a copy from here.
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RE: 100% compatible
by dagw on Mon 13th Oct 2008 15:19 UTC in reply to "100% compatible"
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Unfortunately, documents I get look different in Office and OpenOffice. I suppose documents I write in OpenOffice will look different if opened with Office.

That's what pdf export is for. Unless you are working on something collaborativly, there is no real reason to send office files. Export to pdf and you can be sure everything looks they way you want it.

Of course if several people are collaborating on the same document then it's important that they're all using the same version of the same software, but this is true no matter what program you are talking about.

I'm not in the mood for gambling with my grades :-)

If it's a course about learning to use MS Office then of course you should be using MS Office. If it's a course where the layout of your final piece of work is critical to your grade, you should be using proper layout software. Other than that I can't think why OpenOffice should affect your grade.

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