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OSNews, Generic OSes HP has released a roadmap outlining future development of OpenVMS, the operating system that commercialized many features that are now considered standard requirements for any high-end server operating system. (Such as Integrated networking, Symmetrical, asymmetrical, and NUMA multiprocessing, including clustering, distributed file system (Files-11), Integrated database features, support for multiple computer programming languages, hardware partitioning of multiprocessors, etc). With over 30 years of development, OpenVMS has stood the test of time and has continued to evolve as one of the most secure and trusted mission critical OS's of our time.
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HP are a mystery.
by alban on Mon 13th Oct 2008 15:52 UTC
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Faced with porting your operating system from its old minority CPU platform do you (a) Port to the platform with the largest ongoing investment that runs the worlds largest collection of software natively OR (b) select another minority low volume CPU that almost no one understands - mainly because you invented it.

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