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Linux Linux Foundation is organizing a end user collaboration summit this week. A major topic will be a presentation on the new upcoming filesystems - Ext4 and Btrfs. Ted Tso, who is a Linux kernel filesystem developer on a sabbatical from IBM working for Linux Foundation for a year, has talked about the two-pronged approach for the Linux kernel, taking a incremental approach with Ext4 while simultaneously working on the next generation filesystem called btrfs. Read more for details.
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mistakes, assumptions, extrapolations
by Phobos on Mon 13th Oct 2008 23:53 UTC
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1) file systems do not follow Moore's Law...
2) btrfs is designed as a FS for DBs... ZFS is designed as a multipurpose FS... Of course it can "leapfrog ZFS on several fronts", surely, DB related fronts... that comment from Ts'o couldn't fall further on the irrelevancy world

Truth is, everybody wants ZFS... at all cost

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