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Windows According to the official Windows Vista Blog, Microsoft has decided that, in order to keep things simple, the OS code-named "Windows 7" will officially be called "Windows 7." Sayeth the poster: "since we began development of the next version of the Windows client operating system we have been referring to it by a codename, "Windows 7." But now is a good time to announce that we've decided to officially call the next version of Windows, "Windows 7."" Of course, this introduces a major issue - if the version number of Windows 7 is, in fact, 6.1 or 6.2, as many expect, how can you call it Windows 7? And if the kernel version is updated to version 7, how many apps and drivers might fail due to poor version checking? I'm sure the upcoming PDC and WinHEC events will shed some light on this.
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by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 14th Oct 2008 15:30 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Nice"
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Yes, but the blog always stops short of actually answering any of the said feedback. For each of the topics they've covered, they've given points 1. 2. - the history of the feature, and what the identified problems are; but they leave out point 3. - what the solution in Windows 7 is going to be. They only say that things will be easier, clearer and better. The same smoke they were wafting with Vista.

So, first Microsoft gets a load of crap because they were too eager to blabber and write on and on about what might end up in Vista - and now they're getting a load of crap because they're being a lot more careful with making promises?

Seriously. Where will it end?

As Adam said, the E7 blog is great. It gives a lot of insider info, usage data, the areas and problems they're working on, some solutions they're considering, and you can give feedback via the comments - and then, a few days later, they respond to that feedback with a follow-up post.

Sure, it ain't no mailing-list bikeshed debates (if some of you were to actually read open-source m-l's, like I do, you'd understand the frustration), but it's better than nothing.

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