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Windows According to the official Windows Vista Blog, Microsoft has decided that, in order to keep things simple, the OS code-named "Windows 7" will officially be called "Windows 7." Sayeth the poster: "since we began development of the next version of the Windows client operating system we have been referring to it by a codename, "Windows 7." But now is a good time to announce that we've decided to officially call the next version of Windows, "Windows 7."" Of course, this introduces a major issue - if the version number of Windows 7 is, in fact, 6.1 or 6.2, as many expect, how can you call it Windows 7? And if the kernel version is updated to version 7, how many apps and drivers might fail due to poor version checking? I'm sure the upcoming PDC and WinHEC events will shed some light on this.
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RE[2]: *YAWN*
by bornagainenguin on Tue 14th Oct 2008 17:59 UTC in reply to "RE: *YAWN*"
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jack_perry joked...

Yes, you are. The rest of us lost nearly all enthusiasm back when they touted Windows 3.0 and MS-DOS 6 as cutting edge. :-P

LOL. I don't think I was even playing with Windows seriously at that point. Maybe I was only using WordPerfect Dos at that time? I forget, it was a while ago, but I think at that time I was much more of an end-user.

wakeupneo reminisced...
No, you're not alone. Waaaaay back ...I once downloaded a beta of what would become Windows98 - Memphis....over a dialup connection! It took 5 days with the connection being dropped deliberately by my ISP every 2 hours. Oh, the thrill of loading that up on my 486 laptop with 8mb of RAM. Sure, it ran like a pig with chronic arthritis...but it was 'state-of-the-art' baby! ;)

I think I may have seen that one floating around at one of the other forums I've been a member of. I never ran it on my desktop, but I do remember being enamored by the IE4 desktop update when it first came out. I eventually moved into the 98Lite camp though and became all about deintergrating IE from the desktop, even though I still liked IE when used in one of the many shells for it allowing tabs and ad-blocking.

wakeupneo commented...
I've been using various flavours of Linux as my primary OS for going on 6 years now and rarely give Windows a second glance. That's not to say they don't do some good stuff...I'm just not a member of their target market anymore.

Ditto here. I may still run Windows XP on my entertainment box but its been Linux all the way on my laptops for awhile now. Especially on my Eee901, now that I've licked the battery life issues with eee-control-tray!


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