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General Unix This article explores the virtualization features available to administrators across several UNIX hardware platforms. Discover what they have to offer and how their features compare to PowerVM.
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Thats interesting, as where I work is a primarily IBM site, and pSeries/AIX is the buggiest P.O.S I've ever worked on.

LPAR's are not totally separate, I've seen DLPAR operations on one LPAR kill another due to memory conflicts. We frequently see Power5 and 6 boxes drop when they suddenly offline 8gb of RAM, or decide to offline a cpu for laugh.

The IBM VIO server is memory and CPU intensive and prone to having strange issues which you just can't trace through its complicated configuration (why the hell is every network card enX on AIX???).

I guess its what you're used to... I work on AIX and yearn for Sun - looks like you're the other way around!

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