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Features, Office The news of's third major release has generated quite a bit of buzz on the internet for many reasons, one of which being that it now runs natively on a Mac (sans X11). ZDnet has posted a screenshot gallery of 3.0 for those who have yet to try the hot-off-the-press application.
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RE: not happy on Mac
by tyrione on Wed 15th Oct 2008 22:10 UTC in reply to "not happy on Mac"
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I must say... it looks HORRIBLE on Mac... The text and icons in the beginning page are so huge. The icons in OOo look so 1980s... Even the little things like the 100% on the bottom right overlapping with the stripes you click on to change the window size... And not to forget the fact that it's all stuck into 1 window.. Even MS Office Mac managed to use separate windows.. The preferences are still horrible and confusingly put..

Put me off. I mean even NeoOffice, which is based on OOo 2.x looks slightly better. And face it, with OSX, a big part is about the looks ;)

I guess this is the example where OOo trying to act and look like MS Office Win a little too much is biting it in the ass.

OOo, good work so far, but try and focus more on other points like those mentioned above, now that you have a good working base.

Yes. The UI Designers with OS X experience and willing to donate some time and efforts for credits would immensely improve the first impression of the application suite.

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