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Linux Linux Foundation is organizing a end user collaboration summit this week. A major topic will be a presentation on the new upcoming filesystems - Ext4 and Btrfs. Ted Tso, who is a Linux kernel filesystem developer on a sabbatical from IBM working for Linux Foundation for a year, has talked about the two-pronged approach for the Linux kernel, taking a incremental approach with Ext4 while simultaneously working on the next generation filesystem called btrfs. Read more for details.
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RE[6]: ZFS?
by Arun on Thu 16th Oct 2008 04:10 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: ZFS?"
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You haven't answered the question. Why did Sun think that GPL dual licensing Java was the correct option there, maintaining compatibility with lots of existing software with exceptions for where they needed it, and that a completely new license in the CDDL was required elsewhere?

You didn't answer my question either. Why can't linux dual license when most projects out there do?

How did you come to that illogical conclusion? Real data shows Solaris IP is flowing very well to other projects.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I love the usage of 'IP', which is meaningless. Not the point. I'm not talking about code flowing from Sun but others' willingness to commit code to Sun and Solaris. There's no evidence that Sun is even accepting that if it is happening, and things such as the PowerPC port of Solaris tell us that an awful lot is being kept in Sun's four walls. [/q]

You mean to say Linus accepts every single line of code someone wrote in to the main line tree, Really?

The license is far more open than the GPL.

Based on what? There is zero code flowing into Solaris from outside Sun. That's when you know you don't have an open source community. If anything, Sun is strangling it. [/q]

That has nothing to do with the license. Do you even understand what your are saying your self. That response was the most illogical thing I have ever heard.

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