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Features, Office The news of's third major release has generated quite a bit of buzz on the internet for many reasons, one of which being that it now runs natively on a Mac (sans X11). ZDnet has posted a screenshot gallery of 3.0 for those who have yet to try the hot-off-the-press application.
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Numerical Analysis Data Acquisition Macros
by tyrione on Thu 16th Oct 2008 04:40 UTC
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Something I truly loved with Borland Quattro Pro when I was an undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering was it's macro language to write data acquisition macros for large data sets.

We had an Axial Flow Fan @WSU [Washington State] that could never reproduce a proper turbulent flow curve [length of the tunnel needing to probably be a few hundred feet longer] but the tens of thousands of data points measuring flow rates across the thin-walled cylinder using Quattro Pro to record was a breeze.d

I haven't seen much of this for OpenOffice and I realize with MatLab I've got a crapload of options, not to mention Octave 3.0, but I'd like to see some rudimentary macro work in Numerical Analysis, not to mention the ability to leverage MatLab and Octave 3.0 within OpenOffice 3.

If I'm out-of-the-loop I'd love to hear from anyone whose worked in this area.

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