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Windows It was announced yesterday that the Microsoft OS code-named Windows 7 will be shipping as "Windows 7," exciting and surprising many. There was much question, even in our own piece, as to how Microsoft arrived at 7 for an OS likely destined to be version 6.1. Microsoft answered our question in a post called "Why 7?" on the Windows Vista Blog.
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If they're keeping a 6.1 version number just for the sake of application compatibility, the developers need a swift kick in the ass. I can understand checking for a specific version of a library, but doing a hard version check for the OS? I may be missing something here, and enlighten me if I am, but it just seems so bloody stupid. If I were writing an application, I'd have it check the system for the libraries it needs, not some arbitrary number that could have been picked at random. If I were to somehow alter the version number in Windows XP to something ridiculously high, would that break everything that was running before I did it? If it would, there is a serious problem in the way people develop for Windows.

Again, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just expressing an underinformed opinion.

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