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General Unix This article explores the virtualization features available to administrators across several UNIX hardware platforms. Discover what they have to offer and how their features compare to PowerVM.
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Performance problem is mainly due to the fact that each zones share the same kernel. Thus when a software goes in kernel mode, the CPU time is not controlled anymore and the zone. So if there is a software bug during kernel mode, the zone will eat all the CPUs despite ressource control set.

Its no bug, it's the way zone are working.

Can you give a concrete example of how to reproduce this problem so it triggers the said kernel bug?

Are you hitting these issues or just making hypothetical claims based on the design?

The same could be said for WPARs too. That's why Sun offers different virtualization technologies as does IBM.

"- and now the servers reboot itself in u5

you can find the bug ID (6696124) in the thread but Sun removed it for security reason ....

The thread says a patch was delivered. The OP didn't post again so presumably it worked for them. Since they kept posting that they were unhappy, silence implies they are happy now.

I fail to see your point there. Are you saying AIX doesn't have bugs? I am sure a little searching will provide me with enough bugs where AIX boxes crash and reboot too.

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