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Linux Linux Foundation is organizing a end user collaboration summit this week. A major topic will be a presentation on the new upcoming filesystems - Ext4 and Btrfs. Ted Tso, who is a Linux kernel filesystem developer on a sabbatical from IBM working for Linux Foundation for a year, has talked about the two-pronged approach for the Linux kernel, taking a incremental approach with Ext4 while simultaneously working on the next generation filesystem called btrfs. Read more for details.
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"On FreeBSD ZFS is a memory hog; if you don't have enough memory ZFS might exhaust kernel memory and lock up the system;

Why should the *filesystem* layer be able to do such a thing? See what kinds of problems show up when proper layering is violated? Packaging everything up in the fs layer, as Sun did, might have seemed convenient at the time, but the consequences of that decision have come home to roost... and will continue to roost.

Better to make the changes needed in the proper kernel layers. Do it right, or not at all.

Thats utter nonsense. FreeBSD locking up has nothing to do with ZFS and more to do with a bug.

You can sing and dance about layering all you want but that what you said is absolute bunk. Any kernel module no matter how layered can cause serious issues if there are bugs or exposes bugs in other layers.

ZFS does it right that's why many many OSes are picking it up and linux devs are trying to make similar file systems. We'll see when the Linux FSes become production ready if they do things better than ZFS and are even remotely as easy to use.

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