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Linux Linux Foundation is organizing a end user collaboration summit this week. A major topic will be a presentation on the new upcoming filesystems - Ext4 and Btrfs. Ted Tso, who is a Linux kernel filesystem developer on a sabbatical from IBM working for Linux Foundation for a year, has talked about the two-pronged approach for the Linux kernel, taking a incremental approach with Ext4 while simultaneously working on the next generation filesystem called btrfs. Read more for details.
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As much as I am a ZFS fanboy, I doubt that you achieve 430MB/sec on 1 GB RAM. Ive run ZFS on 1GB RAM for over a year without problems. But Ive never got 430MB/sec. In fact, that number exceeds the SATA bus speed, which is 150MB/Sec. It must have been a PCI-express or PCI-X solution. Which is not common on home file servers. If you have that expensive solution, then you can afford more RAM than 1GB. I therefore doubt that piece of information. Something is strange.

True, the SUN "Thumper" achieves 600MB/sec but it has dual opteron cpu + 8(?) GB RAM + 48 hard drives.

Thumper can push 2GB/sec throughput.

SATA ports also come in 3Gbps flavors and can do 300MB/s. You can have 8 SATA drives and easily achieve 400MB/sec reads. Of course, since ZFS caches a lot the throughput number can be much higher than raw hardware.

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