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KDE "Krusader is a massively powerful and feature-packed twin panel file manager. If you dislike bloat and prefer minimalist windows managers like XFCE or Fluxbox, the good news is that Krusader will run without KDE, provided you have the necessary libraries installed. If Dolphin isn't cutting the mustard Krusader might just be what you've been looking for." Here is the download page for Krusader, give it a spin and share your comments.
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RE[2]: Will try it today
by leos on Fri 17th Oct 2008 23:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Will try it today"
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the funny thing is that one can set up konqueror to do just the same, it may even come with a commander profile ready to use. you know, two window areas, in details mode, and a cli under it.

Actually, even Dolphin can be set up this way with two panes and a cli at the bottom. It can also browse archives, it handles ftp/sftp/fish/what have you using kio, it can be extended with service menus (useractions in krusader), it has breadcrumbs (optional) and an intuitive interface, and best of all, it doesn't have pages of configuration to wade through before you can actually use it.

I used to use Konqueror a lot, but Dolphin was a breath of fresh air for me. You can have a powerful file manager without a godawful interface and a million options. Good riddance to that.

For example the mountman tool they talk about. If you need a dedicated tool to manage drives your system is broken. The file manager should intelligently handle devices as they are plugged in.
Filelight is cool, but it's a rarely used tool and can be used standalone when you want to use it every 6 months or so. Really not worth the extra ui complexity to integrate it. I would much rather have simple, dedicated tools to do one job well than all jobs in one giant blob.

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