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Linux While Ext4 was originally merged in 2.6.19, it was marked as a development filesystem. It has been a long time coming but as planned, Ext4dev has been renamed to Ext4 in 2.6.28 to indicate its level of maturity and paving the way for production level deployments. Ext4 filesystem developer Ted Tso also endorsed Btrfs as a multi-vendor, next generation filesystem and along with the interest from Andrew Morton, Btrfs is planned to be merged before 2.6.29 is released. It will follow a similar development process to Ext4 and be initially marked as development only.
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RE[3]: relevant?
by Morph on Sat 18th Oct 2008 21:29 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: relevant?"
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Unix/Linux filesystems historically, with the notable exception of Reiser4, have been quite resistant to fragmentation.

Why is that? Someone more knowledgeable than I could probably point to some specific aspects of unix filesystem design that reduce fragmentation. But it was an issue for the designers to consider when the fs was designed, and is still an issue for people working on new filesystems today. How well that issue is dealt with by particular operating systems or particular filesystems is a separate question. (FAT certainly was notoriously bad.)

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