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OSNews, Generic OSes Here at OSNews, we use a moderation system where your peers rate your comments, and where the OSNews staff rarely intervene. This system was put in place after realising that the editorial moderation was failing miserably; it had become too much work. Sifting through ten reported comments a day is one thing, sifting through 100 of them each day is another. The result was that editorial moderation had become willy-nilly, which led to understandable user frustration, and pointless email rants back and forth between users and staff members (mea culpa). The answer to this problem turned out to be a two-step process: banning anonymous commenting, and our peer moderation system. While the moderation system has its flaws, it has exceeded all of our expectations in making sure that our comments' sections are free of spam, and relatively fun to read. Still, we realise problems exist, but we also see a lot of misinformation floating around. The treat we have in store for you today will help in fixing some of that.
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Online communities come and go. It's the way things roll. This site hemorrhaging users you find to bring valuable contributions may or may not be the case for anyone else. Regardless, you seem to think it's the moderation system or the trolls causing the problem(s). I'd suggest that it's just the normal life cycle of a user driven site. People come for various reasons, people go for various reasons. I've been part of online communities where we actually met up with each other and had parties and barbeques. Sadly, that community has splintered and is no more.

People find other things to do, even at the expense of their online time.

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