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KDE PolishLinux site takes a look at KDE 4.2 based on the latest subversion branch and concludes: "As it can be seen, the KDE4 development is running at full throttle. KDE4.2 will include much enhanced functionality and versatility than KDE 4.1, but still a lot of work has to be done in many areas, especially when it comes to the stability of the applications." Hopefully some of the long standing stability and maturity issues with KDE 4.x branch are resolved before the GA release.
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RE: Looking good
by aseigo on Tue 21st Oct 2008 03:02 UTC in reply to "Looking good"
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> Is there any reason behind not switching to WebKit

webkit in Qt 4.4 is really too slow for daily web browser use and the KPart for it isn't mature yet. these things can change with Qt 4.5, however.

additionally, KHTML comes with a bit of API glue that a lot of KDE apps use. there's really nothing in there that Webkit couldn't be used for, but it does mean porting apps (though thankfully it's usually just a handful of calls in the entire codebase)

and most of the apps stick with KHTML.

> and keep working on KHTML

well, you can't tell people to work on something and you can't tell them not to, either. the group who continues to work on KHTML does so because they wish to.

those who work on Webkit do as well.

it'll all sort out as the future unrolls.

p.s. i'm using the webkit kpart in konqi right now. have been for about 2 months. not end user ready, as i noted, though.

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