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Legal Earlier this week we reported on the court case between Apple and PsyStar, stating they went into settlement negotiations. Details, however, were sparse. The law firm representing PsyStar has now replied to the matter, and there's good news for those of us who hope to see crazy EULA clauses tested in court.
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RE[3]: Not Surprised
by bert64 on Wed 22nd Oct 2008 15:20 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Not Surprised"
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Most of the windows hardware support is actually contributed by the hardware manufacturers writing drivers...

OSX is similar, in that the hardware vendor is also the OS vendor so they are both developed together. It's not hard for an OEM who is selling complete products based on a set of components to get the specs for those components.

Linux on the other hand relies primarily on third parties to write the drivers, a lot of manufacturers don't produce linux drivers for their hardware and some don't release specs at all.

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