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Legal Earlier this week we reported on the court case between Apple and PsyStar, stating they went into settlement negotiations. Details, however, were sparse. The law firm representing PsyStar has now replied to the matter, and there's good news for those of us who hope to see crazy EULA clauses tested in court.
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RE[7]: Not Surprised
by bhuot on Wed 22nd Oct 2008 21:09 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Not Surprised"
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Well I think it makes a difference when you make a lot less money than we do in the US that you cannot afford to pay the same for software and for hardware. I think it is arrogant of Microsoft to try to push their software there. Apple is popular in other countries that have comparable incomes to the US. Switzerland has the highest percentage of Mac computers of any country, for instance.

And I do not think less of someone who lives in a slum and that is not what I said, or think the rest of the world does - I just think they will be using different computers because their circumstances are different. That is where open source software can take off better as it is translated in so many languages and it gives other nations control of their own data.

And as far as the economic crisis starting here, Europe, especially the UK did many of the same things the US did that caused the problems and if the people elected were the ones I voted for, we wouldn't be in this mess. So implying that I am responsible for this is situation is sure lunacy if you knew anything about me. And since you like to read in things I never said or implied I do *not* think I am speaking for anyone but myself.

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