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Linux ServerWatch writes about the slow but sure death of UNIX by the onslaught of Linux and customers moving from older proprietary UNIX systems to commercially supported open source enterprise Linux distributions. "Linux does have one killer feature that is driving the switch: lower cost. Many companies are discovering Linux to be extremely attractive from a cost perspective. Take the experience of Sabre, a travel company that replaced Solaris with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) running on x86 machines, resulting in lowering costs 90 percent (with a three-fold speed gain to boot). These potential cost savings, which include hardware maintenance costs savings, are not to sniffed at."
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Calling OS X a true UNIX is a bit of a stretch. They bought the certification, most GNU/Linux distros could too, if it made sense. The underlying OS is an even worse mix mash than most Linux implementations, not that average users care about that, Apple scores big on the stuff that matters to Joe Blow.

OSX is very much a UNIX! Just as much as Sun OS, AIX, HP/UX...

Having worked on kernels for many years! there are _no_ OS's out there that I know of that are more of a cluster phuck! than the Linux kernel. Including FBSD, Darwin, vxWorks.

Linux is what you get when you have too many cooks in the kitchen! Spaghetti everywhere!


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