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BeOS & Derivatives It seems like only yesterday when due to a combination of hubris, bad business decisions, and pressure from Apple and Microsoft, Be, Inc. went under, with its assets - including the BeOS - bought up by Palm, who now store it in a filing cabinet somewhere in the attic of the company's Sunnyvale headquarters. Right after Be went under, the OpenBeOS project was started; an effort to recreate the BeOS as open source under the MIT license. This turned out to be a difficult task, and many doubted the project would ever get anywhere. We're seven years down the road now, and the persistence is paying off: the first Haiku alpha is nearer than ever.
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RE: Apps needed
by bornagainenguin on Sat 25th Oct 2008 03:20 UTC in reply to "Apps needed"
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chris_dk ruminated...

All I need to switch from Linux is:

* Sane bittorrent client like Transmission
* IM like Pidgin
* IRC like XChat
* Music player like Rhythmbox
* Movie player like mplayer!

I know I'm going to get modded to oblivion for this, but I can't help myself! I've gotta ask...

Why not use Transmission for your bittorrent client?

Why not use Pidgin for IM?

Why not use XChat for IRC?

Why not rock out with Rhythmbox and catch your daily dose of moveis and DVDs with mplayer?

Why do you even need to move off Linux in the first place if all your apps are running just fine there today?

Look at how difficult it has been for Linux just to get to this point, biw ask yourself how many more years will be needed to get working 3d drivers in Haiku? What about other standard hardware? Webcams? TV Cards? ETC?

I'm glad Haiku is coming along, really I am, but how much further along will Linux be by the time Haiku reaches where Linux is now?

I'm looking forward to seeing Haiku in the wild myself, would love to see the BeOS resurrected and available for every day use, but I've moved on these last seven years.

How much of the old BeOS community can Haiku really count on coming back? How many others have moved on like I did?


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