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Apple Apple has presented its financial earnings for the 4th quarter of the 2008 fiscal year yesterday. Despite an across-the-board slump in growth, spectacular iPhone sales more than made up for the lost growth, beating the ten million iPhones claim. You can read all about it at Ars. What's more interesting were a number of remarks from Jobs regarding netbooks and cheap computers.
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Comment by bhuot
by bhuot on Sat 25th Oct 2008 16:53 UTC
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"As to others - people are going to OS X/Apple because they're lemmings. Nothing more and nothing less. iPods are no better than any of the MP3 players from alternative manufacturers, in many areas they're worse. They've become a cult (yes, a cult) and that's a rather disturbing social trend. iPods are now so popular, and so de rigeur, that retailers will ONLY stock iPods, because they're a "sure seller". In fact, I'd say that Apple is now a sure fire monopolist in the world of portable music players, and should be investigated as such. "

I I were a lemming, I would buy a Windows machine like everyone else. I use a Mac because it works better for me. I have owned a PC for 6 years and owned a Mac for 6 years and I get so much more done in the same amount of time, it is definitely worth the extra cost. Also I save on programs because I can try out ones from small developers that cost less and install and uninstall applications without causing problems for my system as when I did so with Windows.

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