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BeOS & Derivatives It seems like only yesterday when due to a combination of hubris, bad business decisions, and pressure from Apple and Microsoft, Be, Inc. went under, with its assets - including the BeOS - bought up by Palm, who now store it in a filing cabinet somewhere in the attic of the company's Sunnyvale headquarters. Right after Be went under, the OpenBeOS project was started; an effort to recreate the BeOS as open source under the MIT license. This turned out to be a difficult task, and many doubted the project would ever get anywhere. We're seven years down the road now, and the persistence is paying off: the first Haiku alpha is nearer than ever.
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RE: JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
by yahya on Sun 26th Oct 2008 08:01 UTC in reply to "JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Windows XP is getting old and I won't touch Vista, Apple's principle is my way or high way, and Ubuntu's default cursor is the wait cursor.

I for one welcome our new responsive overlord.

So what apps are you going to use on Haiku to get your work done? As much as I am attracted by the speed and simplicity Haiku offers, as much am I deterred by the fact that for close to ten years most software vendors and programmers have stopped supporting this OS.

For the moment, not even Flash can be expected to become available any time soon, given that the port of gnash to beos has been abandoned.

The last available version of GoBe productive is about ten years old and the only available version of Firefox is a 2.0.x which does not print. Well, one could also mention the absence of Java, however, after approximately ten years of trying to get sun Java ported to Beos, Java itself has so much lost its significance on the desktop, that it probably does not matter any longer. (With regard to the net, Flash has mostly taken over, however, as mentioned above, it is also unavailable on BeOS).

I just wonder which ideas exist to deal with this..

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