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In the News In a rather unusual move, both Google and Apple have publicly backed the fight against "Proposition 8", both by words as well as by donation. Proposition 8 is an initiative measure in the state of California that would ban same-sex marriages in California by amending the Constitution of the state to include that "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California". Both companies gave out their reasoning for supporting the fight against 'Prop 8'.
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RE: What an Absolutely Stupid Mess
by Arun on Sun 26th Oct 2008 18:47 UTC in reply to "What an Absolutely Stupid Mess"
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I find it funny that people try to apply marriage to same sex relationships when people don't know what marriage is actually for. Marriage was ordained for the procreation of children firstly, and to provide a stable emotional and legal framework as to the nature of the relationship of their parents. That has already been devalued to a massive extent to the point where marriage means nothing now, so it's funny that two stupid companies who have no business getting involved in this at all are doing so.

So infertile people even though they are heterosexual shouldn't be allowed to marry? Duh! Marriage should require a fertility test then? What if a couple decides they don't want to have kids? Should they be forcefully divorced if they haven't reproduced in what 5, 10. 15 years time?

When same sex couples evolve and start knocking out children, then we'll chat about marriages. Until that day comes then you are free to pop down to your lawyer (solicitor) and come up with a legal framework between the two of you. Just don't pretend that it is marriage please. It isn't, and trying to talk about equality is the usual strawman argument.

That is rubbish. Marriage is a social institution to foster monogamy and create supposed order. It has nothing to do with reproduction. If it had them men should legally be allowed to sow their seeds with a few hundred women. In fact laws would be passed like the ones in Islamic states where men can marry women and have 16-32 children. Why isn't that case all over the world then.

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