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Microsoft "If you disassemble a single binary, you can never tell why something was done in a certain way. If you have eight different versions, you can tell a lot. This episode of Computer Archeology is about reverse engineering eight different versions of Microsoft BASIC 6502 (Commodore, AppleSoft etc.), reconstructing the family tree, and understanding when bugs were fixed and when new bugs, features and easter eggs were introduced. This article also presents a set of assembly source files that can be made to compile into a byte exact copy of seven different versions of Microsoft BASIC, and lets you even create your own version."
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""Oh, but it's not American, so it doesn't count :-("

Just like the Linux kernel? Or SAP? or SUSE Linux (used to be a german distro)? OS news isn't even run by Americans. A lot of the readers here aren't American. That sort of crap isn't needed."

Agreed. Let's leave the back-handed America-bashing to places like I think most of us here on OSNews are more interested in the technology - no matter where it came from ;-)

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