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Windows The new OS includes major new user interface updates, and promises to work much better with third-party hardware and software. Can the latest version of the OS wash away the sour taste of Vista? Here's a detailed report and a slideshow of Windows 7 screenshots.
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by richmassena on Tue 28th Oct 2008 18:02 UTC
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It's always remarkable to me how Microsoft can promise so much and yet deliver so little. Every single time they release an OS, they say, "this one may be low-quality, but the next one will have everything we promised for this one, we promise." And people seem to be falling for it again.

Fortunately, you can look at these screenshots to see what won't be in Windows 7. Look, Paint with a ribbon. Who needs this? Calculator with a few extra functions thrown in. Whoever needs this will have a better tool for the job. Post-it notes. Who cares? Desktop widgets. Worthless. A wireless picker could be of limited use, but it's not worth paying for.

I don't use OSX much, but I have to give Apple some credit. For example, the addition Time Machine to Leopard makes it a good value.

Microsoft should rethink how people use computers. As it is, they feel like they've perfected the paradigm, and are just treading water.

I would like to be able to easily manage millions files, over dozens of different disks, and be able to find these files quickly, and reference them, sort them, add metadata, etc. How will Windows help me manage 100,000 emails, millions of photos, web snippets, feeds?

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