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Hardware, Embedded Systems This article outlines the designing and building of a Mini-ITX computer which runs off of a USB flash drive. The designer's goal was to build a system which was silent and as simple as possible. In the end it was little more than a USB drive, a VIA motherboard, and a case. Puppy Linux was used for an operating system due to its light weight and ability to boot off of a USB drive.
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Silly question...
by whartung on Mon 19th Sep 2005 18:20 UTC
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Could this have been done using wireless networking and a boot prom to boot from a server? I don't know enough about wireless networking or how it can be configured before the OS comes up. Or is that something that the net boot prom would handle?

But I agree with the other poster: these things are cute, but not "cheap". Space seems to come at a premium.

Shame, really.

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