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Windows The new OS includes major new user interface updates, and promises to work much better with third-party hardware and software. Can the latest version of the OS wash away the sour taste of Vista? Here's a detailed report and a slideshow of Windows 7 screenshots.
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RE[2]: ennervation
by richmassena on Tue 28th Oct 2008 19:08 UTC in reply to "RE: ennervation"
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It's refinement.

Mac users were clamouring for refinement every bit as much as new features. One big hoped for, was the unification of the various themes, and a new finder-- which Leopard mostly delivered.

Windows 7 looks a lot less cluttered so far, and they've really taken to odds the insane number of extra clicks it takes to do anything in Vista. Connecting to a wireless network is a small adventure in of itself - so this kind of refinement (a wireless picker) is one thing in a list of deal-clinchers.

Everybody's got their peeves with Windows - it's refinement, not features, that'll go toward addressing those peeves.

My biggest peeve with Microsoft Windows and Office has been that they've changed the way their software works without adding any compelling reason to do so, and at no benefit to me.

A wireless picker is anything but a deal-clincher for me. Dell and IBM have both had that capability for years. There is even a extra position on the wireless switch to activate it. As you can see, what they're presenting is an amateur affair. How is a wireless picker useful if there are so many access points you have to scroll the list. A foldout panel would be better.

Reducing extra clicks is certainly laudable, and I hope they accomplish this. How did that aspect of Vista interface get through QA?

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