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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu With the release of Ubuntu 8.10 only a few days away, Phoronix decided to take a look at the performance figures over the past releases - from Ubuntu 7.04 to Ubuntu 8.10. Phoronix used its own extensive test suite on fresh installations, with the same parameters, on the identical hardware. The results are rather surprising. Update: I've added some more information about this, gathered from the Ubuntu mailing list. You can find it in the 'read more'.
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Where be the speed?
by JLF65 on Tue 28th Oct 2008 19:19 UTC
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If you actually read the article, and read between the lines, you'll see that the speed went here:
Change in GCC
Change in GTK
Change in ATI drivers
Change in kernel timing and scheduling

The first is being worked on. 4.0 was a major rewrite and the gcc crew knew that it would be a while to get the speed back.

The second is improving as the current major rev of GTK is improved.

The third is making strides now the ATI has made enough info available to make the drivers open.

The fourth may/will improve as the kernel team balances the new timing and scheduling algorithms.

So it's all being worked on, it's just that a number of systems all being revised at the same time coincidentally overlapped to make a major slowdown.

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