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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu With the release of Ubuntu 8.10 only a few days away, Phoronix decided to take a look at the performance figures over the past releases - from Ubuntu 7.04 to Ubuntu 8.10. Phoronix used its own extensive test suite on fresh installations, with the same parameters, on the identical hardware. The results are rather surprising. Update: I've added some more information about this, gathered from the Ubuntu mailing list. You can find it in the 'read more'.
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by cyclops on Tue 28th Oct 2008 21:16 UTC
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LOL performance has possibly dropped phoronix is awful at benchmarking, but it would hardly be surprising. Anyone using the open source Intel drivers and moved from XAA to EXA and soon to UXA(what!?) has had more that a little pain, as software goes through a transitional phase.

The funny thing is that performance particularly that is paramount, and only makes a difference if features/security/stability/other justify it. If performance has dropped, unless the benefits can justify the performance drop, they can simply because its a fantastic release, (love love love my wireless networking out of the box).

Not the harsh reality is. esp when talking a simple test like Dhrystone its not features its something pretty low level which affects everything, which is kind of useful.

What is fun though is they have tested programs that make up part and parcel of the linux experience that are faster than they were before. Openarena is a good expample whey have had some massive performance boosts with the ioquake engine.

That all said it looks like performace problems have been introduced and need fixing as it does not look like the upper layer stuff.

Now what is really really funny is this has less impact than my personal bugbear the lack of 3.0 in Ubuntu which outweighs *any* performance regression its really stupid, and having it in backports is simply not good enough.

Now whats really funny is the anti ubuntu fanboy rants, which outweigh by an order of magnitude any defense by any fanboy.

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