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Windows Windows 7 is out and about. Microsoft has been unusually secretive about Vista's successor, but now that PDC is under way, they have unveiled the various enhancements to the user interface. Windows 7 might not have any significant under-the-hood changes (in fact, all your applications and devices will still work), but on the outside, Windows 7 represents the biggest change for the Windows user interface ever since Windows 95 came out.
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RE[2]: Great artists steal
by phoenix on Wed 29th Oct 2008 16:00 UTC in reply to "RE: Great artists steal"
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"- vertical taskbar, since monitors are widder than they are taller.

like in winXP?
or like in beos?

Actually, it's been an option since the original taskbar appeared in Windows 95. You can dock it to any side of the monitor. You'd be amazed at how many helpdesk calls we get regarding "broken taskbars" because someone inadvertently dragged theirs to somewhere other than the bottom. ;)

Personally, I've had the taskbar in Windows at the top of the screen, set to auto-hide, since Windows 98.

What I'd like to see in Windows, is the ability to separate the application launcher from the taskbar. Let me put the app launcher at the top of the screen, with the app menu on one side, the systray on the other, and a set of quick launch buttons in the middle, all set to auto-hide. With a separate taskbar at the bottom of the screen that just shows what apps are running. It's a much nicer setup than everything crowded together in one bar.

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