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Windows Loyd Case over at ExtremeTech attended Microsoft's technical briefing of Windows 7 and can't help but compare how the new operating system will be better than Vista. Key features are better user support, stability, performance, and many other things. Sounds like a broken record? Probably, but Microsoft learned a lot after Vista launched, and they'll be careful not to repeat a lot of the same mistakes twice.
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I have been running vista ultimate on my MSI wind notebook for a couple of months now.
When I installed it I expected it to suck badly but strangely that did not happen.
Boot time is about 1m20 Seconds, MEM usage about 500 Mb (including AVG free and Spybot S&D), battery life is about 2h30. Wake from sleep is less than 5 seconds. Nothing in vista is disabled or tweaked for performance (full Aero on and superfetch).
UI is not super snappy but not worse than XP home.

I tried to install a number of different OS'es on this machine and the status was:

Opensuse 11 (fail, no network, no sleep)
Ubuntu 8.04 (fail, no network, no bluetooth, no sleep)
OpenSolaris (ok, slow as a dog, battery 1h only, no sleep)
FreeBSD (failed install).
XP (ok, wireless LAN unstable after wake from sleep)
Vista (ok, errors in eventlog but no visible problems).


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