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Windows Loyd Case over at ExtremeTech attended Microsoft's technical briefing of Windows 7 and can't help but compare how the new operating system will be better than Vista. Key features are better user support, stability, performance, and many other things. Sounds like a broken record? Probably, but Microsoft learned a lot after Vista launched, and they'll be careful not to repeat a lot of the same mistakes twice.
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Even XP, when configured for modern hardware and running anti-virus and anti-adware software easily uses more that 500 megs of memory.

My XP installation is using about 78 MB right after boot up.
That is without AntiVirus and such but there is no way that's going to take 400 MB unless you are using Norton/Symantec products.

Even after running for a while with multiple tabs open in Firefox it's usually around 150 - 250 MB.

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