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GNU, GPL, Open Source Free Software/open source often gets a bad rap for innovating. It just rips-off the work of commercial developers, right? Not so, as this Linux Format piece argues. FLOSS has pioneered, or been a catalyst in, some notable changes in the computing world. Several of these innovations are OS-related.
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RE: "Innovation" is overrated
by bannor99 on Thu 30th Oct 2008 13:22 UTC in reply to ""Innovation" is overrated"
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As was said all of this existed way before...
BeOS CDs were live CDs, and I keep reminding it to Linux peeps... and it seems BeOS wasn't the first.

I can't say for certain who was first with LiveCDs but
BeOS didn't beat Linux to the punch on that one.
Lookup Yggdrasil Linux sometime. They were selling LiveCDs with decent automatic hardware detection in 1992-95.

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